2014 Community Novel Project for TSCPL

For the first time, our collaborative novel will feature both an adult title and a children’s book. Since I primarily write MG and YA, I opted for the kidlit group.

My submitted premise was again chosen by the other authors. Being validated in this way is doing so much for my muse; the laughter, the dancing, oh my!

This year I have written chapter 2. The library will begin online publishing @ end of May, one chapter at a time, culminating in the book launch scheduled for September with print copies, audio book and e-book on Amazon.

Watch this space for more info about the adventure!


Topeka Shawnee County Public Library

Search the library site to find the 2013 Community Novel Project e-book ‘SPEAKEASY’. A collaborative writing effort by 20+ local authors, each of whom contributed a chapter. Mine is chapter 1! (I went first because the group selected the premise I proposed. I was proud.)

Also available on Amazon.com and as an audiobook.

Progress by the Marketeers

I have been invited to join a group of local authors in a marketing collective, where we will share ideas for promoting our work. These authors are further along than I am in platform building, etc.
So, this very day I have created a Facebook author page (Aimee L. Gross, author & artist) and set up a domain on WordPress. I am feeling quite techie, except that it was ridiculously easy to walk through.
These are, however, steps to check off on my way to the goal: My books out there for readers!